Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen may refer to:

*Peter Hansen (painter) (1868–1928), Danish painter *Peter Hansen (UN) (born 1941), Danish relief worker *Peter Andreas Hansen (1795–1874), Danish astronomer *Peter Hansen (actor) (1921–2017), American actor *Peter Hansen (politician), New Hampshire politician *Peter Hansen (rower) (born 1921), Danish rower *Peter O. Hansen (1818–1895), translator of the Book of Mormon into Danish *Peter Reinhard Hansen (born 1968), Danish economist at the Stanford University *Peter Hansen (SS officer), SS soldier, commander of the 29th and 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS * Peter Hansen (American football), American football coach at Stanford University * Peter Allan Hansen (1944–2012), Danish classical philologist * Peter J. Hansen (born 1956), American animal scientist Provided by Wikipedia
Published in 1981
doi: 10.2113/gseegeosci.xviii.3.267
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