Kevin Lambert

Kevin Lambert (born 1992) is a Canadian writer from Quebec. He is most noted for his novel ''Querelle de Roberval'', which won the Prix Ringuet in 2019.

Originally from the Chicoutimi borough of Saguenay, Quebec, Lambert moved to Montreal in his late teens to study literature at the Université de Montréal. He published his debut novel ''Tu aimeras ce que tu as tué'' in 2017, and followed up with ''Querelle de Roberval'' in 2018. In addition to the Prix Ringuet, ''Querelle de Roberval'' won the Prix Sade and the Prix Oeuvre de la relève à Montréal.

''You Will Love What You Have Killed'', an English translation of ''Tu aimeras ce que tu as tué'' by Donald Winkler, was published in 2020 by Biblioasis.

Lambert is openly gay. ''Querelle de Roberval'' is partially based on Jean Genet's 1947 novel ''Querelle of Brest (Querelle de Brest)''. Provided by Wikipedia