Results of hydrologic tests and water-chemistry analyses, wells H-6A, H-6B, and H-6C, at the proposed Waste Isolation Pilot Plant site, southeastern New Mexico

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Authors:Dennehy, K. F.
Source:Reston, VA [Water-Resources Investigations - U. S. Geological Survey, No.PB- 83 104 042, 77p. Publisher: U. S. Geological Survey,], United States. ISSN: 0092-332X
Publication Date:1982
Note:In English. WRI 82-8
Summary:Hydrologic testing was conducted at 3 test wells in the northwestern part of the proposed Waste Isolation Pilot Plant site in southeastern New Mexico to define hydraulic properties of three water-bearing zones. The zones tested were the Magenta and Culebra Dolomite Members of the Rustler Formation and the Rustler Formation-Salado contact. The Rustler Formation and the contact yield water to wells at rates less than 0.5 gallon per minute as determined from shut-in and slug tests. These test methods were not applicable for the Culebra Dolomite Member of the Rustler Formation at well H-6B. A transmissivity value for the Culebra Dolomite Member was obtained by conducting a conventional pumping test. Well H-6B was pumped at a rate of approximately 11 gallons per minute. Throughout the testing of the Magenta Dolomite Member and the Rustler Salado contact, water-pressure response in the test zones were monitored by a pressure transducer system. Water samples from the Magenta Dolomite Member had a dissolved solids concentration of 5,760 milligrams per liter. The major chemical constituents of water samples from this zone were sulfate, sodium, and chloride. Water samples from the Culebra Dolomite Member and the Rustler-Salado contact had dissolved-solids concentrations of 52,600 and 316 ,000 milligrams per liter, respectively; chloride and sodium were the major constituents in the water samples. Radium-266, a naturally occurring radioactive element, was present in samples from all three zones. (USGS)
Subjects:Boreholes; Engineering geology; Environmental geology; Geochemistry; Ground water; Hydrochemistry; Radioactive waste; Site exploration; Storage; Surveys; USGS; Waste disposal; Eddy County New Mexico; New Mexico; United States; Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; Wells
Coordinates:N321800 N322500 W1034300 W1035200
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Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2018 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from USGS product, Selected Water Resources Abstracts, Reston, VA, United States
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