Investigation of salinity increases in Sulphur Spring, Tampa, Florida

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Authors:Garman, K. Michael; Garman, Sherry; Hyniova, Jitka; Rehacek, Jakub
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Subsurface Evaluations, Tampa, FL, United States
Coastal Karst Foundation, United States
Source:7p. Availability: Subsurface Evaluations, Tampa, FL, United States
Publication Date:2003
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Summary:Sulphur Spring is located along the Hillsborough River in an urban area of Tampa, Florida. Survey and water quality data were collected from the spring cave system as part of salinity control investigation. The City of Tampa initiated the study because the spring is an emergency water source when the water level in the Hillsborough River is low. When water is pumped from the spring pool for the city water supply, the hydraulic head of the system is drawn down and the chloride concentration of the spring discharge increases. Therefore, water can only be pumped from the spring intermittently. Survey data show that 25% of the surveyed passages in the cave system have a height to width ratio greater than 1 compared to less than 10% for typical phreatic caves in Florida. In fact, the median height to width ratio of the Sulphur Spring cave system is 0.64 compared to 0.33 for typical phreatic caves, suggesting some fracture controlled passage development. Water quality data show the water in the system is well mixed. The only change in water quality occurs at a penetration of 2800 feet where the passage splits into the Orchid Tunnel and the Alaska Tunnel. The Alaska Tunnel has higher temperature, lower pH, and higher salinity than the Orchid Tunnel. Based on salinity of the two flows, about 70 to 80% of the flow is from the Orchid Tunnel and 20 to 30% is from the Alaska Tunnel. The Alaska Tunnel appears to be the source of the majority of the saltwater and, therefore, chloride entering the cave system.
Subjects:Aquifers; Geochemistry; Ground water; Hydraulic head; Hydrochemistry; Karst hydrology; Organic compounds; Pollutants; Pollution; Salinity; Springs; Water pollution; Water quality; Water supply; Florida; Floridan Aquifer; Hillsborough County Florida; United States; Sulphur Spring; Tampa Florida
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